Tips & Tricks

A common problem I see with new clients is the inability to quickly and easily access all of their online properties and keep them separate – BUSINESS and PERSONAL. This increases the frustration levels and  causes people to throw up their arms and not commit to any type of Social Media Marketing or consistent messaging.  

Here’s what works for me.

To get started make sure you have 2 or 3 browsers installed and updated. Best choices are Google Chrome, Firefox and/or Safari.

Next decide which browser will be for BUSINESS and which will be for PERSONAL use. Chrome and Firefox  make it easy to login and save password information therefore increasing speed and ease of posting your message. Of course, you do not want to save sensitive passwords on a  computer that is used by anyone else but you!!!!

I will focus on the BUSINESS setup first! I prefer Chrome for my business profiles and I use Google Apps!

Bookmark Bar Folder

A Separate Folder on the Bookmark Bar will help centralize your Business Site

1) Create a folder on your bookmarks bar. Call it “YourBizName-Hub” or something short and easy and place it on the top left of you browser.

2) Open your website, Facebook, TwitterPinterest , LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare, Google + , Google Places, Google Apps Dashboard [Docs, Calendar, Mail], Stumble Upon and/or any other website related to your business.

3) Now bookmark each site and place that bookmark in the new folder you created.

From there, you can get to one or all of the most used websites for your Business’ Media and Marketing. Do this for other facets of you business as well: Distributors, Shipping etc…

For the personal side, you can do the same thing on another browser. That way when you limit the time and frustration of logging in to the wrong account when it counts!